2019    My Head Will Fall Off If I Stand Up, Still, Coffin Bell (forthcoming)

2019    Ferragosto, Brain drip

2019    Pressed Voices, Menisus, 7.1

2019    3-28, Pure Haiku, Emergence

2018    Grandma’s Ink Recipes, 404 Ink Literary Magazine, Issue 4: Ink

2018    Apologies, I forgot you exist, The Hunger, Verity La Anthology No. 1, Eds Nigel Featherstone, Michele Seminara and Robbie Coburn

2018    Interpolation, Undergird, Asylum Magazine25.2

2017    Spectrum (4 poems), Yours & Mine, Number 11

2017    Apologies I forgot you exist, Verity La, Discoursing Diaspora

2016    Latitudes, 404 Ink Literary Magazine, Issue 1: Error

2016    Beneath the folded tortilla moon, Blue Pepper

2016-ongoing  White-Bellied (Little) Cuckoo Shrike, Bimblebox 153 Birds, Jill Sampson

2013    Reprieve, Regime 03

2013    I’m Almost Addicted, Regime 03, First Place, Regime de Vivre Poetry Prize

2011    Calling Korea, Cordite Poetry Review 35.0: OZ-KO (Envoy)

2010    Nessy Malley: Antisepticide, Cordite Poetry Review, 34: Children of Malley II

2010    Kenebowe, Cordite Poetry Review 32: Zombie 2.0

2008    no compass, Cordite Poetry Review 28.0: Secret Cities

2003    For You, Tangent

2003    Prisoner, Union Recorder, 83(3)

2002    Shades in between, Union Recorder, 82(8)



2015    Dead Time (devised in collaboration with the creative team), Lace Balloon, 107 Projects

2014    Some Other Toy, Short+Sweet Theatre Sydney, Gala Finalist, Newtown Theatre and Seymour Centre

2011    The Caramello Koala Stick Up, Short+Sweet Theatre Sydney, Seymour Centre

2010    Three Wise Monkeys (with Liam Burgess), Imagine Festival, Cleveland Street Theatre

2010    Band Practice, Brand Spanking New, Newtown Theatre

2010    Almost Love, The Colour Blind Project Short Play Festival, Tap Gallery

2010    Starwoman, Short+Sweet Sydney Theatre, Newtown Theatre

2009    Come Back When You’ve Found Your Passion, Imagine Festival, Cleveland Street Theatre

2008    Straw People, Short+Sweet Theatre Sydney, Newtown Theatre