‘Pressed Voices’ – Poetry in Meniscus 7.1

Read ‘Pressed Voices’ in the latest issue of Meniscus Literary Journal, edited by Jen Webb and Sandra Arnold. I’m so pleased to have this poem out in the world.

Congratulations to Kathryn Hummel, Chris Muscardin and Jenna Heller, whose work won prizes for the best poetry and prose of the issue!

A snatch from the Editorial:

“It took a considerable time to decide which of the submissions should be included, and our selection was based on a combination of elements. Primarily, these included: language, image and/or story that captures attention, and has sufficient traction to retain that attention; a voice that is curious about the world, and respectful of other cultures, other values; a work that is doing something fresh with the form; and—dare we say it—beauty. This is always a contentious criterion, because ‘beauty’ is an empty signifier, meaning what it is made to mean, and always highly subjective. However, there is a framework for ‘beauty’ in the literary arts that steps aside from the ‘well-made’, the decorous, the tame, the tidy; that cuts to the visceral, the impact of natural and cultural phenomena; that arrests the reader.”